All W Series Weishaupt Burner use the latest microprocessor technology for the control and monitoring of all the burner functions. As a result not only do they offer improved precision and ease of use but they also represent fantastic value for money.

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WL-5 Weishaupt Dual Fuel Burner

The Weishaupt WGL30 dual fuel burner is a logical extension of the successful W burner range.

Monarch Weishaupt Duel Fuel Burner

Weishaupt dual fuel burners GL and RGL satisfy the requirements of operating reliability,easy installation, good operation, convertability to a different type of gas and low noise operation. .

Industrial Weishaupt Duel Fuel Burner

Weishaupt industrial burners, sizes 30 to 70, have been especially designed for industrial capacity ranges. The monobloc burners are noteworthy for their large capacity and operational ranges.

WM Series Weishaupt Duel Fuel Burner

Weishaupt WM Series duel fuel burners are equipped as standard with electronic compound regulation and digital combustion management. Modern combustion technologies demand a precise, continually reproducible dosing of fuel and combustion air. Only in this way can optimal combustion figures be ensured over extended periods.