Accessories and spare parts:

HeatGEN also provides accessories and spare parts for different burners and maintains an inventory to provide emergency support to all our valued users. We continuously develop vendor and contractual support for local accessories for burners such as burner mountings, Control panels, Ring Main Systems, Blowers, Cable Laying etc to help customers to reduce the time and cost of overall set-up.

Also, we can cater to the spares and replacement parts requirements of all burners based upon the feedback received from the customers with the details of the components / makes / description of the items required by them with respect to their burners.

Controllers for Oil & Gas Fired Burners

Controllers 2

We offer Siemens Burner Sequence controllers with fully integrated control in a single module,

  • saving valuable floor space over non-integrated systems which are part of Burner Management Systems. There are various models available with different specifications for various applications Oil Burner Controllers & Gas Burner Controllers.
  • The burner controls are used for the startup, supervision and control of oil, gas burners in intermittent operation.

Complete range of Controllers. LOA 24 / LMO 44 / LME 11, 21, 22 LAL 1.25, 2.25, 2.65 LFL 1.122, 1.322, 1.333, 1.335, 1.635 Programmable controllers LMV series LAE / LFE 10, LGK / LOK/LDU series

Dungs Multiblock for Burner

Dungs Multiblock 3
Dungs Multiblock 2
  • GasMultiBloc MB-DLE Dungs (MB-B) – single-stage operation & MB-ZRDLE Dungs (MB-ZR) – two-stage function:

  • This GasMultiBlocMB-DLE/ ZR & MB-ZRDLE integrates a filter, pressure regulator, two class A valves, a bypass valve (B07) and pressure switches in one compact fitting.

  • The modular system permits individual solutions by using external ignition gas tap in connection with separately controlled valves, by adding a valve proving system, min/max pressure switches, pressure limiters, partial volume setting by closing stroke limiter at valve V2 and regulator blocking for liquid gas applications.

  • Maximum operating pressure is 360 mbar (200 mbar for MB-DLE 403), ambient temperature -15÷70oC (only above 0 for LPG), degree of protection IP 54.

  • The two valves are controlled in common or separated, depending on the model; both are fast closing. V1 is with fast-opening and V2 with slow-opening

  • Main volume restrictor at valve V2.

  • has an additional bypass valve with fast opening.

  • Different pressure switch types mountable: GW A5, GW A2, NB A2, UB A2. Standard equipped with GW 150 A5.

  • Simple mounting, compact, light-weight.

Suitable for gases of families 1, 2, 3 and other neutral gaseous media.

Suntec Oil Pumps


Offered Oil Burner Pumps are appreciated widely used in different type of burners owing to their capability to tolerate high pressure. These Suntec Oil Burner Pumps are provided in different capacities, models and other specifications to fulfil clients’ variegated requirements.  Complete range of Suntec pumps & spares AS47C / A for Diesel / Kerosene / Bio diesel

Other details:

  • SUNTEC MODELS: AN 47A/C 7 D, AN 67A/B & C, AS 47A K/C, AL 65C, AT2 45A, AJ 4AC/CC, AJ 6AC/CC/AE, E4 NA/NC, E6 NB/NC, E7 NA/NC 1001, 1069, TA-2C, TA-3C, TA-4, TA-5. 
  • Shaft seals & cover gaskets etc.


We stock an extensive range of Burner electrodes like for brands Weishaupt, Bentone, Ecoflam, etc. If your burner needs a new electrode or a replacement, you’ve come to the right people –

  • we’ve been providing the high-quality & genuine Electrodes with strong points such as sensitive ignition, durable, strong ageing resistance,
  • high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high dielectric strength. 
  • By the use of 95% Alumina ceramic with glazed as insulator, possess superior mechanical strength and excellent thermal shock resistance.

Burner Motors

Burner Motor 2
Burner Motor 1

We offer a wide range of industrial burner motors to our valuable clients with class in quality & efficiency. There are different types of commercial burner motor available in our company for diesel (oil) and gas burner. Offered burner motors are manufactured by using high-grade raw material, cutting edge technology and modern machinery at our vendor’s end. Owing to the efforts of our vendors the offered burner motors are in-line with globally laid quality norms.

We supplying below brands Burner Motors also.


Siemens Actuators / Servo Motors

We supply Siemens make drive for every system. With a total of ten series, solutions for burner sizes of small to large capacity are available. Standard burner controls, such as the

  • SQN, SQM, LME series, can be employed with a large number of different actuators.  
  • The LMV2/3 is the ideal basic unit for any type of burner of medium capacity, be it oil, gas or even dual-fuel burner (modulating or multi-stage) – a solution is always at hand.  
  • The LMV5 burner management system has the burner control, electronic air-fuel ratio control and gas valve proving integrated in its basic unit.
  • With the LMV50, it is now possible to integrate external flame safeguards too. This ensures that the burner operates correctly in the event of unfavorable flame ratios.

Impellers / Fan

impellers fan 2

We supply burner fan wheels offer a very good price-performance ratio. All our fan wheels offer excellent technical characteristics, a long lifecycle, compact construction as well as very low noise levels. We supply genuine wheel series meet everyday performance expectations with high performance density and compact size.

Blast Tubes / Diffuser Assembly

We offer Oil and gas burner diffuser plate and blast tube; we import and supply Indian and imported diffuser disc and blast tubes. Following diffuser plates and blast tubes for various Burners are available in our Product Range

Oil Burner Nozzles

burner nozzels 2
burner nozzels 4
burner nozzels 3

Up to 30.00 gph In 45 / 60 / 80 degree spray angles. Single and two pole ignition transformers, Ebi 4 series in 3 % and 100% ED Danfoss pumps, EFP 21 R3 / L3, BFP 21 / R5 / L5, BFP 41L3, BFP 10 L6 / R6 RSA 28 / 40 / 95 / 125 Series OBC 82. 10 / 84.10 controllers similar to LOA24 Photoresistors black / red similar to QRB1.

Ignition Transformer

Ignition Transformers Single pole, two pole in 25, 33 & 100% ED ratings & in 230 / 110V for different application TRE 820 / 820P, TRS 1020 / 830P High Voltage Silicone Ignition Cable 7 mm & 5 mm diameter, Copper connecting lugs & accessories

Flame Sensors

flasme sensors 2
flasme sensors 1
flasme sensors 3
flasme sensors 4

We supply Siemens Landis make QRA series Photocell flame detector. These flame detectors have low sensitivity and are used for the supervision of gas or oil flames, yellow or blue burning oil flames and for ignition spark proving. The UV flame detectors are designed for use with Siemens burner controls. Known as UV Cell, Photocell and also called UV Cell Flame Detector.

Dungs Gas & Air Pressure Switch

dungs gas pressure 1

We provide Dungs Make Pressure switches, Pressure limiters, Differential pressure switches for Gas and air. These components are used for pressure regulation shutoff and control of gas.

(LGW 3 A4 to LGW 150 A4)

  • are designed for automatic burner controls, for usage in furnace, ventilation and air conditioning applications.
  • It is suitable for switching a circuit on, off or over on changes in actual pressure value relative to the set reference value. The reference value (switching point) is adjusted on a setting wheel provided with a scale. The test nipple is integrated in metal housings as standard.
  • LGW A4 can be used as differential pressure switches for air and as an over-pressure switch for gas.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 500 mbar, setting ranges between 0.4÷300 mbar. Ambient and medium temperature -15÷70oC, storage temperature -30÷80oC.

Dungs Make Safety Shutoff Valves

dungs shutoff valve
dungs shutoff valve 4
dungs shutoff valve 3
dungs shutoff valve 1
dungs shutoff valve 4
  • Single-stage safety solenoid valve MV/4, MVD, MVD/5, MVDLE/5

  • Two-stage safety solenoid valve ZRLE/5, ZRDLE/5

  • Manually operated safety shut-off valve LGV/5: Vent valve MV10

  • Single-stage safety solenoid valve LV-D/4, LV-D/5

  • Single-stage air solenoid valve MV/4

Pressure Regulators

pressure regulators 1
pressure regulators 2
pressure regulators 3
  • Dungs make pressure regulators are designed for industrial gas burners and gas heating appliances. They can be used for installation in the municipal and commercial gas supply. Spring-loaded, pressure compensating regulator with adjustable setpoint springs for regulation of the regulator outlet pressure, Sturdy, precise and sensitive regulation of input pressure (response pressure)Models – FRS ,FRI ,FRNG ,FRN ,FRU ,FRSBV ,FRM ,RG

Gas & Air Filters

Gas and Air Filter 1
Gas and Air Filter 2
Gas and Air Filter 3

Dungs GF Filters for gas and air

    • These gas and air filters GF have a high dust storage capacity and are designed for protecting downstream fittings.
    • Filters suitable for gases of families 1, 2, 3 and other neutral gaseous media.
    • Maximum flow velocity: 20 m/s.
    • The GF/1 series use threaded connections as per ISO 7/1 and GF/3, GF/4 si GF are flanged as per DIN EN 1092-1.
    • Installation option for pressure measurement point for filter monitoring.

Low & High Pressure Gauges

pressure gauge
  • Dial Size: 50 mm, 63 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm
  • Low Range: 0 – 60 mbar (0 mm WC to 600 mmwc)
  • Maximum Range: 0 – 1000 mbar (0 mm WC to 10000 mmwc)
  • High Pressure Range – 0- 30 Bar
  • Accuracy: + – 1.5% to + – 2 % of F.S.D
  • Element Material: Capsule: Brass/SS 316 & Diaphragm: SS 316/Teflon or Silver protected.
  • Connection: 3/8″, 1/2″ NPT/BSP. “I” type flanges & direct flanges. As per ASA, ANSI, BS & DIN Standard
  • Flange Material: Carbon Steel/SS 304/SS 316/any special material/Polypropylene/ Teflon/PVC.
    Window: Toughened Safety Glass
  • Optional Features: Special graduation and range on dial, other thread connection and anti-corrosive epoxy coated black paint can be provided.

Gas Train

We Provide Standard Straight Design Pre-piped Gas Trains which are offered as a standalone product to the user.

Specifications :-

  • Train type : Single/Multiple Burner
  • Service : LPG/Natural Gas/ Propane / If other specify Gas Composition
  • Sizes :  DN15 to DN100 (Higher Sizes on request)
  • Inlet Gas Pressure : Up to 5 Bar (Higher Inlet request)
  • Piping : MS SH40 Seamless ( Other piping on request)
  • Flow Measurement : Optional On Request
  • Mounting : MS structural Mounting skid
  • Clamping : Tube Clamps

Prewired junction Boxes provided on request

Cables & Connectors

Cables and Connectors

We provide high voltage ignition cable wire, Transformer cables with connectors & Lugs for burners, heaters etc.

  • From the simple copper wire with connector to more complex cable with carbon fiber conductor, connector and molded protections.
  • The high voltage ignition cables with resistive conductor in carbon fiber and semi conductive rubber are used for shielding electromagnetic disturbances.
  • These high voltage ignition cable cores are recommended for use for inside wiring in the case of raised ambient temperatures under sufficient ventilation and small mechanical stress.
  • It’s UV–Ultra Violet weather resistant but should be used in outside areas only with mechanical protection.
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