Weishaupt Gas Burner

Weishaupt burners are the latest one having updated microprocessor technology for controlling and monitoring all burner functions. They have very easy functions with improved precision. Weishaupt is a global leader for burners, heating and condensing boiler systems, solartechnology, heat pumps and building automation. There are 21 Weishaupt group subsidiaries worldwide. Weishaupt has offices and agencies in 38 countries. Weishaupt takes its service responsibilities very seriously. More than 400 customer service employees and numerous partners are on call in Germany 24 hours, 7 days a week.

They provide wide range of burners including compact, large and medium size and duoblock burners.

All W Series Weishaupt Burner use the latest microprocessor technology for the control and monitoring of all the burner functions. As a result not only do they offer improved precision and ease of use but they also represent fantastic value for money. Some of its highlighted benefits are:

    • Economy through digital technology
    • Fully automatic operation
    • Compact construction
    • Operational safety and reliability
    • Errors free plug connection

With the help of its distribution network they provide sales and service worldwide. HeatGEN takes the pride to be one of its esteemed distributors for Pune region. We serve all Weishaupt burners aswell as spare parts and its servicing. Quality is our first preference and we provide the same. We believe in customer engagement and continuously strive for delightful customer experience.
List of Weishaupt Gas burners are as follows:-

    • Weishaupt gas burners WG10 to WG40
    • WM 10 monarch burners (55 -1250 kW)
    • WM 20 monarch burners (150 -2600 kW)
    • WM 30 monarch burners (350 -6200 kW)
    • WM 50 monarch burners - powerful and versatile
    • Industrial burners (1,000 - 11,700 kW)
    • Weishaupt WKmono 80
    • WK40 to WK80 burners - 300 kW to 28,000 kW
    • WM-G10 ZM-PLN and WM-G20 ZM-PLN monarch burners
    • 4LN version gas burners


Trustworthy technology Even the visual impression after removing the burner cover is convincing. All components are clearly arranged, the electrical connections are obvious and non-interchangeable. The technology makes a good impression because it is typical Weishaupt.

Compact construction:-The WG burners’ compact construction means they can be easily installed by one person. Commissioning costs have been reduced to a minimum. .

Low NOx Version:-All WG burners are available in Low NOx version as standard. A specially designed mixing head produces an intensive internal flue gas recirculation, resulting in exemplary emission levels

Exemplary emissions:Weishaupt Low-NOₓ technology (standard on gas burners, optional for oil burners) utilizes a special mixing assembly to effect a notable reduction in harmful emissions.

Sound attenuated air inlet:-The transverse fan is sound attenuated on the suction side. These burners therefore operate particularly quiet.

Electronically controlled air damper:-The electronically controlled air damper closes at burner shutdown to prevent the cooling-down of the combustion chamber.

Common platform:- The common platform principle used with W burners simplifies the provision and storage of spare parts.

Diagnosis via laptop as an option:- A special software package and connection cables are available for communication with the combustion manager. Combustion optimization and fault analysis can thus be carried out easily via a laptop computer.