Weishaupt’s motivation is technological progress, which is driving them for more than 50 years to set new standards for the combustion industry. They have Research and Development Centre for new developments and existing products. It has been proven in the field of heating, Weishaupt burners are most reliable, long lasting, environmentally friendly and technoloically advanced.

Over 600 burners are manufactured daily at ultra-modern production facilities in Schwendi. Every single burner is subjected to a mechanical and electrical function test. The combination of technology with an effective quality control system safeguards Weishaupt’s reknowned reputation for quality

The Weishaupt name is a byword for reliability, premium quality, and outstanding service. As a medium-sized, family-owned and managed organisation, they are large enough for their energy technologies to be a global success, but small enough to act independently, flexibly and consistently.

HeatGenis a group formed for compact burners and its spares which are reliable and efficient.

It is a journey of 5 years under the leadership of Mr Adinath N Gore and Mr Shashikanth A Nalkar who have more than a decade of experience in servicing and commissioning of burners. We as an team at HeatGEN are consistently working with integrity on various factors such as bringing innovation in product, safety measures etc.

We offer a wide range of WEISHAUPT DUAL FUEL BURNER

    • Weishaupt W10 - W40 Compact Gas and Oil-Fired Burners:-The Weishaupt W10 to W40 burners cover a large range of outputs from 85 to 1,945 MBTU/h. They are used on applications where reliability and safety are key concerns.
    • Weishaupt W5 Compact Gas and Oil-Fired Burners:-Weishaupt W5 compact burners are used for gas or oil-fired appliances and have a rated output of up to 188 MBTU/h. They are employed in light commercial applications where reliability is of particular importance.
    • WM-series Monarch Burners:-Weishaupt's outstanding reputation for quality is built on the back of its monarch® series burners. The current range is equipped with the latest digital technology
    • Burner Sizes 30 – 70:-These versatile, large-capacity monobloc burners were designed especially for industial and energy-sector applications.
    • WKmono 80 Burner Series:-The most powerful Weishaupt monoblock burner.
    • WK-series Burners:-Weishaupt's most powerful burners..

Safety at large:The nozzle shut-off system in oil burners guarantees a tight oil shut-off during the nozzle assembly's warming phase (on burner with preheated nozzle assembly) and prevents oil drips after the burner has shut down.

Quiet operation:The burner's transverse-mounted fan is sound attenuated.

Exemplary emissions:Weishaupt Low-NOₓ technology (standard on gas burners, optional for oil burners) utilizes a special mixing assembly to effect a notable reduction in harmful emissions.

Long service life:There are many years of experience and development behind Weishaupt's burner technology. Only the best quality materials are used in manufacture.

Future-proof:Digital combustion management enables accurate monitoring of burner operation and provides diagnostic for easy service/ maintenance.