Weishaupt Burner Parts

HeatGEN has excellent relationship with several organization and experience of numerous installations. As a company, HeatGEN offer services in combustion systems that are of the highest standard. Along with the burners, HeatGEN also provide excellent after sales service through our service & spares back up. HeatGen has a spares back up of Burner parts which are or might be required and they are named below.

Weishaupt Burner Parts:-Nozzle head, servo motors, motors & blower wheel, diffuser disc, control boxes/ controller/ sequence controllers, oil pumps, pump coupling & centre pieces, oil solenoid valves & coils, male female ignition plug, ignition electrodes, servo motors, etc.

Weishaupt WL5 Oil Burner:-Electronic ignition unit, Burner flange, Standard combustion head with mixing assembly, Display bolt, Fan wheel, LN combustion head with mixing assembly, Diffuser setting Screw, Oil pump with solenoid valve, Inlet housing (sound absorbing), Digital combustion manager, Burner motor, Oil hoses, Reset button and signal lamp, Cover, Air regulation housing with servomotor, etc.

Weishaupt Oil Burners WL10 to WL40Burner Cover, W-FM20 combustion manager, Burner motor, Ignition unit, Burner display and operating unit (WL30 and WL40), Flame tube, Diffuser, Air damper stepping motor, Capacitor, Oil pump, etc.

Weishaupt WK80 Industrial Burner:-Diffuser, nozzle, ignition electrodes, combustion head, flame tube, shut off device, nozzle, orifice, Ball valve, Main gas pressure regulator, Low gas pressure switch, Double main gas valves, Double pilot gas valves, High gas pressure switch, Pilot ball valve, Pilot gas pressure regulator, Gas butterly valve, Burner, etc.

WM-GL20 Version ZM-R Oil, Gas and Dual Fuel Version:-Burner motor, Flame monitoring, Digital combustion manager and burner mounted control and display unit, Electronic ignition unit, Burner housing can be hinged open to the left or right, Mixing assembly, Fan wheel, Sound attenuated air regulator, Oil pump, Air damper stepping motor, Oil regulator stepping motor, Gas butterfly stepping motor, etc.

WM-GS20–30 and WM-S10–30 Monarch Burners (100–5600 kW):-Burner motor with integral star-delta switching, Flame monitoring, Digital combustion manager and inbuilt control and display unit, Burner housing can be hinged open to the left or right-hand side, Combustion head, Insulated oil lines, Oil regulator with actuator, Solenoid valve with heating cartridge, Strainer, Electric oil preheater, Oil pump with heating cartridge, Fan wheel, Sound-attenuated air regulator, etc.

Weishaupt Gas Burners WG10 to WG40:-Gas butterfly valve, W-FM 10 combustion manager, Air stepping motor (with linkage to gas butterfly valve), Air stepping motor, etc.

WK Mono-G80:-Flue gas temperature sensor, FGR butterfly valve with actuator, Flue gas connection, Break point for blanking plate, FGR butterfly valve and actuator, FGR temperature sensor, Shutoff valve, QRA 73 flame sensor, Air damper register for flue gas suction control, Mixing box, Junction box for the electrical components, etc.