URET Oil Burner Dealer in India

URET is well known brand for robust design and market oriented burners. They are in market since 50 years and are supplying the world throughout a network with highly experienced distributors. Spare parts and burners are available in over 55 markets.URET burners are used in many different applications.These products are well known worldwide for their excellent build quality and trouble free operation.

HeatGEN has excellent relationship with several organization and experience of numerous installations. HeatGEN is one of the trusted groups of URET which is formed for sales and service of compact burners and its spares which are reliable, efficient and have proven themselves millions of times over in everyday operation. A good and timely service which is an important part of every range of burners is an aim on which HeatGen is based. So, along with the burners, we also provide excellent after sales service through our service & spares back up, training for the maintenance team of customer. Some of the URET Burner supplied and serviced is named below.

  • URET U 1 VMU 3 - 6 kg/h (36-71kW)
  • URET U 1 VMUA 5 - 10 kg/h (59-119 kW)
  • URET U 2 VMU 8 - 20 kg/h (95-237 kW)
  • URET U 2 VMUS 10 - 25 kg/h (119-297 kW)
  • URET U 3 VMU 15 - 35 kg/h (178-415 kW)
  • URET U 3 VTUS 18 - 45 kg/h (214-534 kW)
  • URET U 5 VTUS 40 - 90 kg/h (474-1067 kW)

Benefits and advantages of URET Burner ?

    • Energy saving and compatible with environmental requirements.
    • Designed for easy regulation and maintenance.
    • Reliable and trouble free.
    • Designed and approved in accordance with the European standard.
    • Designed and approved in accordance with the European standard.
    • Industry standard components easily available.
    • Designed for on/off and 2-stage operation.
    • Plug-in contact facilitates the installation.
    • High flexibility with reference to different options.
    • Available for natural gas, LPG, town gas, biogas.
    • When biogas gas is used, URET shall always be contacted.


URET burners are of course designed to meet the different standards and directives and consequently all our burners carry the CE label. Since many years URET is approved according to SS-EN ISO 9001:2000. Big investments have been made in their production in order to secure a high and even quality level of our products. All Staff in the company on a regularly basis have internal quality training.