Bonvario Motor

HeatGEN has excellent relationship with several organization and experience of numerous installations. HeatGEN is one of the trusted groups of Bonvario which is formed for sales of electric motor which are reliable, efficient and have proven themselves millions of times over in everyday operation. HeatGEN also provide excellent after sales service through our service.

Bonvario is one of the leading suppliers of industrial automation products which are widely accepted by thousands of satisfied customers. Bonvario is a symbol of trust, dependability and performance from several years. Bonvario supplies Robust Worm & Helical Gearboxes with state of the art features along with their heart, Electric Motors to provide a complete automation solution for the customers. There speed controlling Electric Motors is as per Italian standards which guarantee everlasting performance.

Bonvario have Electric Motor Range of:-

    • Three Phase Motor.
    • Single Phase Motor.
    • Brake Motor.
    • Dual Speed Motor

General Features:-

The BM line motors frame are totally enclosed, fan cooled, with squirrel cage rotor. The frame is made from light weight die cast aluminium alloy. These motors are - multiple voltage, multi frequency, F class insulation, S1 continuous duty service, IP55 protection, 1 or 2 efficiency class, tropicalized.


These motors frame, according to IEC 60034-5 Standards, have the following protection degrees. IP 55 totally enclosed motors, fan cooled, with protected against penetration of dust and water splashes coming from any direction.

Terminal box and Block:-

The terminal board is normally equipped with six terminal and is made with nonhygroscopic and anti-mold material. The terminal box has IP55 standard or IP56 protection degree, provided that the supply cable connections are properly made.

Insulation, Winding:-

These motor frame are made in F class insulation. The soft copper electrolytic wire is insulated by using special enamel (double enamel). Such enamel is classified as H insulation class. All insulating materials used to produce motors are in F or H insulation class. The winding undergoes a severe treatment as follows: it is impregnated by soaking it in oven-curing F class resins, it is tropicalized following a process including a spraying of anti-salty enamel and finally it is coated using a spray with heatproof, humidity-proof, chemical agent and sea ambient corrosive action resistant characteristics. The impregnation cycle is accomplished under vacuum.

Voltage and Frequency Variations:-

Motors can work without failures if the supply voltage variations are limited as stated in the Classification Society Standards. In particular, motors can run with voltage variations of 10% and frequency variations of 5% with a maximum combined variation of 10% with temperature rise in compliance with the provisions of the Classification Society Standards.


Motors are suitable for the following types of starting:

    • Direct
    • Star – delta
    • by autotransformer
    • by soft-starter (1)
    • by inverter (2)
    • At the end of the starting, the soft-starter must be by-passed. If not, it is necessary to use a motor with winding with reinforced insulation.
    • Frequency range 15-80 Hz: for frequencies below 30 Hz and over 15 Hz, they suggest to use external ventilation.


Motors are dynamically balanced with a half key applied to the shaft extension in accordance with standard IEC 60034-14 to vibration severity grade reduced (R) in standard execution.

Thermal Protections:-

The following thermal protections can be installed on the motors:
Positive temperature coefficient thermistors PTC:- At the active temperature this device quickly changes its standard resistance value.
Bimetallic devices:-Motoprotectors with normally closed contact. The contact opens when the winding temperature reaches limits dangerous to the insulation system of the motor.